I’ve produced a number of films for ThinkPad. The strategy behind the work is to show how every aspect of a ThinkPad is there to make its owner more productive.

The audience for ThinkPad is predominantly B2B, so much of the work consists of case studies and portraits. But I've also created films with a more consumer focus. The character of ThinkPad is quite ingenious, so whenever possible I've tried to get that tone into the work.

Think Story: Shlomo - Director

Beatboxer, Shlomo has worked with Bjork, Damon Albarn and is currently an artist-in-residence at London's Southbank. He uses a ThinkPad to make music and organise his career.

Think Story: Markus Reinert - Director

Physics student, Markus Reinert used his ThinkPad to create a programme that measured star brightness.. His work won him a national science prize in Germany and started him on the first steps of a promising academic career.

Think Story: Dr Zoltan Takacs - CD
Medical researcher, Dr. Zoltan Takacs collects venom samples for pharmaceutical research. At its heart, this is a B2B case study, but we saw an opportunity to throw the viewer into Zoltan’s world. 
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The ThinkPad Way - Director

The ThinkPad Way describes the history of the brand through the story of eight key models. The film was launched at CES 2016, as well as split into YouTube chapters and mastered for DVD.