From '97-03 I made electronic music on a PC using Soundforge, Acid and later, Audiomulch. It was sort of ambient/found sound/techno type stuff and even though I made hundreds of tracks, most were lamo Boards Of Canada rips. But a handful were 'me' and good enough to share. So here they are in one mix. 


1. Public Access Rap Session
2. I Am A Bad DJ
3. What Do You Think You're Doing?
4. Spike
5. The Song That Sent Spike To Sleep
6. Cool Red Hair
7. Mikey & Jen
8. Kate Throws Art Off The Faculty While Barry And I Film Her
9. Salt & Peppa Russian Free Jazz Diss
10. Bling Finish

Photography: Nacho Lopez

I was lucky to see a retrospective of the photographer Nacho Lopez when I was in Mexico City. He seems a bit unknown outside his native country, which is pretty incredible since Lopez’s career was long and covered photojournalism, art and film. My favourites were his studies of rural life taken towards the end of his life. This was collected into a monograph called the Los Pueblos de la Burma y el Sol, which you can track down and spend as much again on shippingThere's also a book too; it’s in Spanish, but it’s definitely worth it.