Against The Clock

In 2010, I took part in a 26 project to make a 26-second film. I thought a documentary about drag racing would be perfect, as races are very short. The producer I was working with suggested I find a subject who had to overcome some sort of personal challenge to compete - like a disability - which was perhaps an odd suggestion for such a short film. But I did what I was told and put, 'disabled drag racer,' into Google and Nigel Holland's name came up. Then, the impossible happened. I called up Nigel and asked if I could make a 26-second documentary about him, and he said, yes, that would be a lovely idea, I'm racing in two weeks.

Against The Clock was the first time I'd directed anything. I shot it with Rhys Thwaites-Jones who was very patient and made sure I got the coverage I needed. Over three shoot dates we threw ourselves into a world of American muscle cars, tea, tinkering and foot-long hot dogs. The film is not 26-seconds long.

This was my 26-second film.